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Schools are bound by federal law to meet the needs of all of their students, regardless if the student has a learning disability, behavioral problems, or other condition requiring accommodation. Knowing whether your child qualifies for an Individualized Education Plan or a 504 plan is merely step one. Ensuring that your child's plan is effective and being implemented requires advocating for your child to the school and knowing how the process works from the inside.


A delinquency charge is something that would be called a crime if it had been committed by a person who was at least 18 years old. A misdemeanor conviction will follow a juvenile until he is 29 years old. A felony conviction may have life-long consequences, and will delay firearm rights until age 29. An effective attorney knows the juvenile justice system offers unique opportunities to allow alleged offenders to avoid having a conviction on their records and will fight for the best outcome.



The Railside Law Group proudly serves the local community as the defense attorneys in the Hanover County Juvenile & Domestic Relations Drug Court. The Drug Court is a specialty docket which identifies young people with substance dependency and diverts them out of the criminal/delinquency court in order to participate in a program which gives young people access to services to help them become more knowledgeable about addiction and its consequences. Successful completion may result in dismissal of their criminal charges.

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