When young people try to learn the boundaries of their new found freedom and opportunity many things can go wrong. Whether your case involves alcohol related offenses like underage possession or dating related offenses like harassment, charges while in college can have ramifications on your enrollment in graduate school, and disclosure to future employers. The stakes are high!


Abuse, neglect, and sex abuse stir very strong emotions in the people who are victims, those who are accused, and those who must decide whether someone is guilty or falsely accused.


The amount of drug crimes in our nation is simply staggering. You may be in danger of losing your liberty just for being in the presence of someone who possesses drugs or even for being in possession of your mother's prescriptions. Our nation's war on drugs is often devoid of any logic or compassion. If you are facing drug charges, we highly recommend retaining an attorney.



Driving under the influence and reckless driving are serious charges which can result in significant jail time. An attorney who is not familiar with the intricacies and science behind DUI law will not be able to provide you with an effective defense. The consequences from having an inadequate attorney will have years of repercussions both for you and those responsible for helping you get around.

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Being stopped for a traffic infraction may lead to serious consequences such as fines, loss of driving privileges or even jail time. Make sure your lawyer is familiar with Virginia's traffic laws and knows how to protect your interests.